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Terms & Conditions

Please read

Terms & Conditions

Please note that there is a 24 h cancellation policy for all booked appointments, cancellation later than that and no-shows will be debited full price.

The trainings have their own cancellation policy which is mentioned on the specific side.

There will be no tolerance for inappropriate or respectless behavior against me, yourself and other participants, violation can force you to stop participating in sessions without refund. 

Please keep in mind that the sessions can be a great complementary therapies for medical or psychological issues , but are no substitute. Always consult with your medical doctor or therapist if you have serious conditions or concerns, and please inform me if you have heart or other medical conditions, are on heavy medication or are pregnant prior to the sessions . 

All information you share with me prior, during and after sessions will be completely confidential, stored securely and not shared with any other party. Please note that by law I am required to seek assistance if I believe that your own or someone else´s life is in immediate danger.

Please note again, that I (Anna Gottwald) am not a medical doctor, psychotherapist or legal adviser and that you are fully responsible for any action you take after advices or suggestions you get during sessions. And there are problems of different nature I can not hold space for and reserve myself the right to end treatment and advise you to seek help from  professionals with different educations than I have myself.

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