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Reiki is a healing modality from Japan in which one works with the lifeforce “Ki” and activades the body´s capacity to generate itself, cleanses blockages on all planes (physical, mental and emotional) and balances the energy flow. Reiki is not something magical outside of us, but exist in all living beings, and the pratice can be learned of everyone.

There are different forms of Reiki and in these trainings you will learn USUI Reiki, which is the traditional one.

The lifeforce “Ki” is called “Chi” in Chinese and refered to as “Prana” in Indish philosophy. It is the same energy that is used in acupuncture, Thai Chi, Chi Gong, etc. Besides that it activates the natural capacity of the body´s own regenerating abilaty, cleanses blockages of emotional, physical or mental nature and balances the body´s harmonious energy flow, it also actives the parasympathic nervoussystem, is stress reducing, can show positive effects on axiety and depression and helps with emotional regulation and release and even with processing of trauma. It can be a great and effictive additional tool for therapy or treatment of physical conditions but was traditional used as an normal day practices in families to harmnise in a holistic way, prevent illness and opimize all bodyly, mentally and emotional functions. So it is a great tool for everyone who wants to take care of themselve and their loved ones.

General information on Training

The Training will be held in smal groups of maximal 6 partitioners in my studio at Katarina Bangata 70 in Stockholm. Besides our physical meeting on the weekend (saturday+sunday) we will have an online group meeting about some weeks after the training for questions & answers and to share experiences in the group and 2 personal follow up meeting via zoom. In case you do not make it to the group online meeting there will be a replay available. TheTraining manual is in English and if the training will be held in English or Swedish will depend on the needs of the group. 

You will get the certificate for SHODEN directly after the course but need to complete some homework, which will be practical exercises and your personal zoom call to get your OKUDEN certificate.

Included in the price besides the physical and online meetings are the complete trainings manual, the attunement, a certificate and a vegan lunch, te and afternoon snacks during the weekend.

Saturday 10.00-18.00 + Sunday 10.00-17.00 (inclusive 1h lunch)



Intensive Course Level 1+2

8+9 june 2024


SHODEN is the introductions training in USUI Reiki and this training is for everyone that wants to practice Reiki on themselves or with family and friends. 

OKUDEN is the follow up training to deepen your knowledge and practice and qualifies you as a professional Reiki Practitioner, if that is something you want to do.

You will learn all the needed knowledge and after that will dive directly into practical practice. No prior knowledge needed.

What you will learn:


Beginning Teaching (Level 1)

Inner Teachings (Level 2)

Apply via application form or book your spot on If you have any further questions, please contact me:

Payment and Cancellation policy

You can book the trainings directly on by following the link or fill in the application form here on my website and pay by invoice. To reserve your spot you will make a non-refundable payment of 1000kr  to my bank account and as soon as the money reaches my account the spot will be definitely yours. (If you pay via invoice it is of cause possible to pay the full amount directly.)

The remaining payment will be paid via or by invoice 2 week before the course starts. It is possible to cancel your booking until 2 weeks before course start. Cancellations after these dates will be debited full price if no-one else is taking your place. In case you get sick and have a medical certificate your spot will be saved for a training at a later date.

If you book your spot on you can choose between different payment options, even partial payment options are available. Observe that all agreements you sign for partial payments are between you and klarna and that SOMA Anna Gottwald is not involved in that agreement or any terms and conditions.

SOMA Anna Gottwald reserves herself the right to cancel the trainings for appropriate reasons, in which case you can choose the get your full payment back or reserve your spot for a new date.

It is very important to me, to work in and create a friendly and including environment and safe space for everyone. There for SOMA Anna Gottwald also reserves herself the right to expel any participant, from further participation, who shows disrespect  or inappropriate behavior against  other participants, the course leader or themselves, in which case there will be no refund.


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