About Me

Anna Gottwald

Hey, I am Anna

I am a Reiki Master and licensed Breathwork and Meditation Teacher. I also have a Yin Yoga and Vinyasa Flow teacher education as well as I am an artist.

Already as a child I always had a burning interest for how the whole universe works and the interconnection of the whole creation, as well as my own and other peoples complex behaviors that often felt strange to me and not true to the self. I do not call myself a healer, though I probably am in that regard, that I did a lot of healing myself (I hade to) and now share knowledge from my own studies and experiences and some of my favorite tools with you, to provide you with help and guidance on your own way. Besides that I have meditated and been doing yoga for more than 15 years my certificates  for Reiki  and Breathwork  are  from 2022 and 2023. But I know I am not who I am because of some educations or certificates, and that other life experiences I had, my probably not so normative approach to life, quite some traveling and meeting a lot of people from different cultural, social and mindset backgrounds but also long periods of hermit phases, my talent (which in between felt more like a curse) to see people and their potential and my own stubbornness to only learn the “hard way”, although knowing so much better, are at least as important to who I am and the services I offer you today.


Besides phases where I felt happy, lucky and free I also experienced long phases of darkness , chaos and misery, which felt like I totally lost myself and sometimes were not sure if I would make it out of again. I am sharing that with you just to assure you that change is possible and because it can be comforting to know that I talk from my own practical experience and not from theoretical concepts, I have not tried on my own and to find comfort in that I probably went through the difficulties you experience on my own. It is not just something I red in books, though I probably have, but for the reason to understand myself better. In my eyes the understanding that one is not alone with certain difficulties or problems and that they are mostly normal reactions to needs that where not met when we grew up and differ mostly in which way we try to cope for theses, knowing that this is really common can lift a lot of shame and weight off ones shoulders. 

I do not proclaim to be enlightened or that I have everything figured out, we all are always learning and growing (if we are open to it) but I know I gathered so much knowledge and experience that it can be very beneficial for others and I am glad to help you to put  some pieces or your own puzzle together.

If you like the content of this side but think there is something wrong with my nose or what so ever, I will not take it personally (I think it is really important to feel some kind of connection to the ones that help you on your journey and feel safe to open up) and I can give you the contact of some other great colleges that work with the same tools and not the same but similar guidance.

Otherwise I am looking forward to meet you, in person, online or via email!

Feel free to reach out for any further questions or thoughts.

Now it gets really confusing in my head, should I write “may the force be with you”, some entertaining or amusing Rumi, Jung or Allan Watts quote??? But I guess I stick to simple and true and just close this with:


One last thing: I speak fluently Swedish, English and German (the website is in English to include people that do not speak Swedish). You can choose one of this languages for your sessions; Group sessions will be held in behalf of the participants  in English or Swedish.

And if it is important to someone; I was born 1983, so not exactly yesterday.


Abitur 2001 Main subjects Biology & Chemistry

Furniture Carpentry 2001-2004

Traveling 2004-2006

Gerlesborg Art school 2007 & 2008

Yin yoga 2019 med Ywonne Källström

Vinyasa Flow Yoga 2020 med Magnus Ringberg

Reiki Level 1+2, ART & Master training 2022-2023 med Michelle Baker

Breathwork teacher 2023 Loka Yoga School

Meditation teacher 2023 Loka Yoga School

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