Akashic Records Reading

Akashic Records - a tool to heighten perspective

The name Akashic Records comes from the sanskrit word “akashic” which means “ether” (5th element) and of cause the english word record/recording. It is described as a compendium of all universal events, deeds, thoughts, words, emotions and intent ever to have occurred in the past, present, or future of all entities and life forms. It is a meta plane/dimension that coexists to the the plane we use to call “reality”, that is completely free of the human construct of space, time and separation, in which future, past and present exist simultaneously and all information is stored in frequencies/energy in form of a net like interconnectedness. Because of this interconnectedness and connections between all “points”, one can jump easily between “points”, that would appear “far away” or disconnected to our normal perception. One accesses the information in a more intuitive knowing and “jumps” between the “points” and leaps the logical connection between the points, which exist, just to avoid overload of information to our minds, which this vast complexity would bring. This is the greatest difference between using this plane and the mental plane where we think linear and calculate, more or less successful, the way/connection between the “points” to reach our wanted destination; both can be useful and the more wise tool to use for different achievements or goals. Everyone can theoretically access their own records, but besides that different talents make it more easy or not, a form of self knowledge is needed to differentiate and know which part of our being we receive information from/we momentarily identify with (identification with thoughts, emotions, subconscious, higher self, Ego,…we are quite complex ourselves).

Your own Akashic Records holds all of the information that is related to your own soul. Which means you can receive information and guidance from your higher Self, other incarnations of your soul, blood related ancestor, other souls you have contacts with (which can be of different nature) and because you are a part of this creation other “higher beings”. In a session, you will come with specific question or a problem/situation you want help with and I will, with your permission, open your records for you, hold space for the information that is coming through and at the end close your records again.

Theoretically you can ask any question, though no “Yes or No” questions, other wise there are not much limitations. But to be clear it is no “future telling “, though it is possible to connect to a future version of your incarnation, all future events are potentials or possibilities that you, do to your free will and choice in the now, manifest or align with or not. Also, do to the free will of everyone, exact outcomes of specific relations with others can be “tricky” and the only part you can work on is your own. To give an example, which can be quite important for people in that situation, do not come with the question “Will I get back with my ex?” or “Will my marriage work out?”, first of all these are “Yes or No” questions, but also we will not know what your partner or ex needs, wants, does or decides, but you can transform the questions into till example: “How have I contributed to the situation we are in now?”, “How can I contribute to a better more sustainable situation”, “Did I ignore conscious or unconscious signs or healthy needs of myself or my partner “, “Which part of me wants a relation (back) that is not working?”, “Are there similarities to the relations I hade before and what does that show me about me?”; I think you get what I mean, we concentrate on you, your responsibility, your blockages, your highest potential so that you can create more desired  sustainable outcomes, may it be with the same person or another, which will always be their choice.

I just took an example of a romantic relationship, because this theme is in most peoples hearts, which is natural but you can use it for questions about any life circumstances.

Besides it  is not meant to do some exiting tourism in past life experience. I would definitely proclaim that for most people it is not at all necessary to know anything about their other incarnations, but for some their can be relevant reasons to remember aspects, clear blockages or share knowledge with parallel incarnations of you.

But anyway ” Where” the information and help you will get comes from, it is meant to help and advise you in the present moment in this body. We should always concentrate on the now, because it is the only moment we actually create, even if we sometimes not accomplish everything in one moment, so will the summary of moments, which are always now, lead to desirable or undesirable achievements because of the thoughts, intentions and action we chose in every now moment.

Most of all this tool is to get help to widen your perspective, to help you see and understand things, which can sometimes be hard to do, because we are so in it and get a bigger picture of yourself , life situations or your souls mission or evolvement.



Of cause, for me this is a “real thing”, otherwise I would not offer it, but because of  the absence of scientific evidence today, this modality is officially classified as entertainment, and you are fully responsible for any actions you take after receiving  advice  during session.

 Also again, I am not a medical doctor, psychotherapist or legal adviser and for some forms of conditions and concerns you will need additional help of professionals listed before. Always consult your medical doctor in case of medical conditions and let your therapist know if you want to add one of my session as an addition to your treatment.

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