An active meditation with circular breathing

The concept of Breathwork includes a wide range of different breathing techniques including ancient techniques called Pranayama and modern breathing techniques like Circular or Holotropic Breathing etc.

What they all have in common is the attend to stimulate the heart rate and nervous system , the body, the mind and the soul, though the intends are as various as the different techniques themselves.

Nowadays when people talk about Breathwork they normally refer to modern Breathwork techniques , and this is also what I offer in my Breathwork sessions. You can book one-on-one sessions or group sessions, both in-person and online. 

You will be guided to breathe in an active way  2/3 of the session then followed by long relaxation part. This way we first activate the sympathetic nervous system which helps you in this case to release stuck emotions and  to become aware of subconscious programmings and belief patterns. In the second part of the session we active the parasympathetic nervous system to experience a real deep relaxation and an integration of the insights you got or parts of you, that you met during the session.

A lot of people experience a feeling of lightness, peace, empowerment or reset after the sessions. It connects the higher self with the subconscious and helps to deepen the connection to the Self, improves self love and acceptance. Breathwork is a great tool to find deeper relaxation, a nervous system reset, emotional balance, increased focus and creativity, as well as it can release anxiety and depression and helps to heal trauma and childhood wounds.

I offer Online Group classes 2 times per month synchronized with the moon phases for extra powerful transformation in alignment with the collective energies.

Additional to these classes you will be send an email before the Breathwork, with information about the occurring new moon and a work sheet with rituals or journaling prompts, with questions or statements to encourage you to reflect on particular topics, themes or aspects of your life.

Also within 24 hours after the live Breathwork you will also get a replay of the session which will be available for you for 2 weeks.

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Disorders, conditions and concerns that can benefit from Breathwork are:

Unresolved grief and loss

PTSD and unresolved trauma

Alcohol and drug addiction

General anxiety

Panic attacks



Anger problems

Chronic pain and physical tensions

Sleeping problems

Chronic stress

Breathwork is a really powerful and save tool that can help a lot of people but is not advisable for people that suffer from cardiovascular problems, high or abnormal blood pressure, epilepsy or history of seizures.

As well as people in heavy emotional or spiritual crises or people suffering of mental illness which are NOT in treatment or LACK adequate support.

If you have any heart or other medical condition take counsel of a medical doctor and inform me prior to the session.

Also let me know if you are pregnant, it is save and a lot of pregnant women are doing Breathwork, but we will do a softer version of the technique.

Do not take any mind-alerting substances at least 24 hours prior to the sessions!

If you have any questions or thoughts, send me an email

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