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Welcome to SOMA Anna Gottwald

Here I invite you to a safe space to explore and learn more about
your inner world and authentic self,
to find more balance and contentment in life and
to free yourself from limiting believe patterns,
subconscious programmings and blockages.

With a handful of different tools we work on relaxation,
nervous system regulation, becoming aware of coping mechanism, release of stuck emotions, mind and behavior patterns, as well as so-called Shadow and Inner child work.

These services are for everyone that is looking for more personal peace and growth and or wants to deepen their relation to themselves, which is the foundation to every relation outside of oneself.

You can use it to find more balance in your everyday life,
work on more specific problem you know about
or maybe you feel called to work with me because,
even if you can not put a finger on it, you have an itchy feeling
that there should be more or that something should feel different. It does not matter if it is a lack of contentment
although you know you "should" be satisfied with your achievements or situation or if it is grieve you "should"
have let go of for some time ago or if you carry some form of resentment about yourself or others, or everything else there
in between.

Sometimes the everything expresses itself in nothingness
and you just feel a void somewhere inside,
anyway will I hold space for you and guide you where it is needed, to explore the rout cause of it, so that you can find your true center.

For more information on how the different tools I offer work and what their benefits are, click on the bottons above or below.

More about my approach to the work and why I think it is important

Everybody is welcome to my sessions. You can use them just to find deeper relaxation, stress or emotional relief or nervous system regulation. You don’t have to share anything about your intentions or experiences of the session with me or anyone else. Anyway you are welcome to do so if you want to or have some questions.

In group sessions I will invite some sharing because it can widen the perception or give some inspiration but it is not mandatory.

You can set intentions for the sessions but you really don’t have to. If you have experience with these modalities, you will know that it will not always be what we expected or intended. Both Reiki and Breathwork will connect your consciousness, subconscious and higher self in that way, that you will experience exactly what you need to in that moment. Not more and not less. 

We will work with quite powerful and transformative tools that will help us to grow and most importantly that give us the possibility to experience live more fully and create more contentment and joy through more aware and healthier choices for ourselves and people around us. We will keep in mind that no path of healing or growth is linear. There will always be natural phases of rest and integration, that can feel like stagnation or even that one takes a step backwards. This can happen because it is necessary to look again at certain aspects, one thought one  has been through and worked out, or maybe it happens just because changing deep programmed mind or behavior pattern and a nervous system that got stuck in one specific mode for some time can not be changed in one day. Both the brain and the nervous system has to be trained to get used to new ways of handling the same situations or triggers through awareness of reactions ,we normally do on autopilot, and repetition av making conscious choices that lead to more desirable and sustainable outcomes. The feeling of unfamiliarity can cause strong resistance or fear of the new, but through awareness and repetition of new thought or behavior patterns and emotional release, one can integrate them, till they one day feel like the most natural choice. Neither should we compare ourselves to much with others but let us inspire by them and remember that we all have our own time and way.

So to begin one first has to learn acceptance for where one is at and continue with dedication, compassion and patience and most importantly big portion of self distance and healthy humor. After all we are all humans and here to experience the phenomenon of life in our own unique way, with our own abilities, baggage and callings but hopefully in the best way for ourselves and others and make the most of our time here. 

Rulla till toppen