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No, come as you are, preferable in casual or comfortable clothes. You will find all needed equipment in the studio.

No, I will explain everything needed in the beginning of the session and guide you through your experience .

Yes, you can but let me know before the session. I will charge you an additional fee and the session will cost 1500SEK for 2 persons.

It really does not matter for Reiki sessions. I actually do a lot of self sessions on my lunch brakes after my meal, you maybe heighten the risk of falling asleep.

But it is preferable to not have eaten a full meal about 2 hours before a Breathwork session. It is not harmful but we will do abdominal breathing which can be uncomfortable with a full stomach.

The Reiki will do its job anyway.

Yes, you can cancel your bookings on bokadirekt up to 24 hours before the session without charge. After that you will have to pay for the session even if you do not show up.

You find a link to the cancelation easily in the conformation email you got for your booking.

The trainings have their own payment and cancellation policy, that you find on the specific page and agree to when you book your spot.


I expect you and me both to be on time, but I also totally understand that life can come in between.

If you are late for one-on-one sessions, it will depend on my own and the booking schedule of the day if you can get a full session or just for the rest of the originally booked time. 

If you are late to group sessions I will probably not accept latecomers do to respect of the others and the necessary of the introduction.

In both cases you have to pay fully anyway.


In one-on-one sessions you can choose between Swedish, English and German. 

In group sessions we will decide on the groups behalf and choose between Swedish and English.

If you can not find a time on bokadirekt that fits with your schedule send me an email and we will have a look if we can make it work another time.

Especially Distance and online sessions will be more flexible  than the schedule on bokadirekt.

If you have a yoga mat and a bolster you can use it but you do not have to buy it.

You just have to lay down in a comfortable way, on the floor, on a sofa, your bed, a bench in the garden where ever you prefer. Advisable you also take a blanket and maybe a pillow and something to cover your eyes; you take what you have at hand.

Breathwork online sessions will be held over zoom, which most people also already have since covid. Otherwise it is really easy to install.


You can pay with credit card or Apple Pay or use the different payment options of Qliro (invoice or partial payment) when you book a session on bokadirekt.

You will leave your payment information while booking and the payment will be drawn from your account after the session.

The tax office allows to use the health care allowance for any stress reducing or preventing treatment up to a cost of 1000SEK.

So you can use it for Reiki  sessions and Breathwork Group sessions (even a couple session if you pay separately).

But talk with your employer, they do not have to follow the possibilities the tax office offers and decide on what you can spend your health care allowance, but most do.

If you have any further questions, please contact me

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